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    What's the Difference Between Precious and Semi-Precious Stones? All About Precious, Semi-Precious & Gemstones!

    What's the Difference Between Precious and Semi-Precious Stones? All About Precious, Semi-Precious & Gemstones!

    Precious & Semi-precious stones are very popular today. Since I love bling so much, I did my research to break down the different stones Semi-precious stones have a strong place in the history of humankind and have inspired fairy tales. All the Semi-precious stones come from different locations and depths in the earth’s crust. I wonder why some semi-precious stones get more recognition than others.  Below I will explain more about precious and semi-precious stones.

    What Is the difference between Precious and Semi-Precious Stones?

    Today, only diamond, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are considered precious stones diamonds being the most valuable. All the other stones are classified as semi-precious. “Precious” and “semi-precious” are two terms first used in the mid-19th century in Western countries. This also explains why Jade even though it is very valuable in China, was never classified as a precious stone. When you buy precious or semi-precious stones jewelry, remember the four-precious stones:





    The term “semi-precious” was created because of amethyst. This stone was loved by the royals, but its value drastically dropped when large deposits discovered in South America. Because of this, the stones that are “precious” and “semi-precious” have modified over time, so a precious stone might be considered semi-precious in the future. This is something to consider when you buy semi-precious stones jewelry. Professional gemologists don’t classify gems using these terms. They are deeply entrenched in our lingo, organizations across the world still use it for their semi-precious stone jewelry.

    What are gemstones?

    Gemstones are precious or semi-precious stones used in the jewelry industry. The gemstones are identified by gemologists, who label them using practical language and certain specific features. The gemstone’s chemical arrangement helps gemologists classify the stones. A lot of gems are crystals and because of this, you can find them in the crystal system. Gemstones can be classified into different species, groups, and varieties.

    What are 10 Semi-precious gemstones used today?

    One of the most sought characteristics of semi-precious stone is the hardness. The harder the semi-precious stone is, the more resistant the piece of jewelry will be. Every semi-precious stone can be classified in the Mohs Hardness Scale, but the ten most popular gemstones today have a hardness of 7 or higher. Here are the ten most popular gemstones that create semi-precious stone jewelry.


    Blue Topaz


    Clear Quartz


    Rose Quartz




    Green or Pink Tourmaline

    There are other stones that can be used and incorporated into various jewelry designs, but this does not happen very often as the cost of testing the wearability cannot be sustained by any jeweler.

    What are Organic Gemstones

    When you buy semi-precious stone jewelry, you should also know about organic gemstones. As opposed to other gemstones, these are created by a living organism (I know crazy right?) There are three important organic gemstones you need to know:

    Pearls – Which are produced by oysters

    Amber – Which is a sort of resin you can find on ancient pine trees

    Coral – Which is the hard skeleton of red coral

    What are some of the price factors when you buy semi-precious stones?

    There are a few things to watch out for when you go out to buy precious & semi-precious stone jewelry. Semi-precious stones can become quite pricey as their quality grade goes up. Here are some things you need to look for:

    What is Precious & Semi-Precious Stone’s Jewelry Color?

    The color can differ from gemstone to gemstone. Usually, vibrant colors are more expensive than gemstones with pale colors.

    What is the Precious & Semi-Precious Stone’s Clarity?

    Clarity needs to be an important factor when comparing the quality of colored gemstones. It is even possible for opaque opals to have a milky inclusion and play which may affect their color. Some of the most valuable gemstones jewelry you can find on the market usually has gemstones with a moderate level of inclusions. The very good and exceptional semi-precious and precious stones that have very few inclusions or none are easy to find in luxury shops. Of course, their price can be more than extravagant. When considering the gemstone’s clarity, you must know the standard for a big variety of semi-precious and precious stones. Some varieties of gemstones, like aquamarine, citrine, and topaz, have naturally fewer inclusions. Other gemstones, such as ruby and emerald, have more.

    What is the Precious & Semi-Precious Stone Cut?

    Gemstone quality and color can vary, there isn’t any strict geometrical standard. Unfortunately, stones (rare ones especially) are sometimes reshaped to size without taking the color into consideration. For example, when varieties like ruby and sapphire suffer a cut to their maximum weight, the beauty of the final product will also suffer. In this situation, the gemstone may display banded colors.

    Look at the gemstone jewelry such as a sapphire ring, amethyst earrings, and other similar jewelry. The gemstone will be cut so that all the facts are balanced and symmetrical. If the cut is asymmetrical then the gemstone is of poor quality. All well-cut stones are symmetrical, will reflect light evenly and will have a polished smooth surface, without any scratches or nicks. This is something that all respected jewelry shops till try to showcase. Just like diamonds, the fine quality gemstones usually have a crown, pavilion, girdle, culet or table cut.

     What is the Precious and Semi-Precious Stone’s Value?

    The price per carat can vary enormously for many different semi-precious stone types. The price can vary from less than one dollar to thousands of dollars for each caret. The final price will also take into consideration the gemstone’s variety, color, and clarity. It will also depend on the cut and polish, size, shape, treatments, origins, fashion, and supply chain. However, the most important factor is quality. Even the smaller variation in quality can have a substantial effect on the value.

    What are each Gemstones Meaning?

    Ruby is traditionally red and is a symbol of courage, life, force, and passion.

    Amethyst is a myriad of colors with purple predominantly and is renowned for protection, cleansing, and healing.

    Emerald is known for its rich green variations and is associated with love, rebirth, and fertility.

    Alexandrite is typically purple, green, and blue and stands for intuition, creativity, and imagination.

    Tourmaline comes in several colors and is symbolic of joy, love, and emotionally healing.

    Garnet is found in many colors but perhaps is most popular in orange and brown. It is said to promote healing and provide protection from nightmares and accidents away from home. I personally pray instead-but Garnet is my birthstone, so I do love this stone.

    Peridot is the only gemstone available in just one color, green. It’s no surprise that symbolizes creation and is believed to promote healing powers and instill power.

    Spinel is red, pink, orange, or purple and is believed to protect from harm, reconcile differences, and ease depression.

    Topaz comes in many colors but is most renowned for its yellow-gold and amber variations. Meanings behind topaz include magnification, clarity, and manifestation.

    Moonstone comes in a variety of colors with translucent effects, but the best Moonstone features a blue sheen and colorless body. The mysterious stone is symbolic for intuition inner work, and patience.

    Diamond is most popular in its colorless variety but is also found in colors and stands for purpose, initiation, and clarity.

    Tanzanite is velvety-blue with deep purple undertones and stands for the integration of heart and mind, and wholeness.

    Opal is truly a matrix of every color of the rainbow is said to help the release of attachments and emotional amplification.

    Sapphire is found in nearly every color but is famous for the blue varieties and it symbolizes honesty, purity, and trust.

    Rubellite is a pink and ruby-red combination and its meaning is balance, life, energy, and tranquility.

    Pearl is best known for its creamy white variety but can be found in other colors as well and stands for self-care, nurturing, and healing.

    Turquoise is famous for its bright blue color and is said to promote healing powers, wealth, and good luck.

    Aquamarine is a stunning pastel blue and is associated with youth, health, and fidelity.

    What are the Stones for Wedding Anniversaries?

    1st Gold, 2nd Garnet, 3rd Pearl 4th Blue Topaz, 5th Sapphire, 6th Amethyst, 7th Onyx, 8th Tourmaline, 9th Lapis Lazuli, 10th Diamond, 11th Turquoise, 12th Jade, 13th Citrine, 14th Opal, 15th Ruby, 16th Peridot, 17th Carnelian, 18th Cat’s Eye, 19th Aquamarine, 20th Emerald, 21st Lolite, 22nd Spinel, 23rd imperial Topaz, 24th Tanzanite, 25th Silver, 30th Pearl, 35th Emerald, 40th Ruby, 45th Sapphire, 50th Gold, 55th Alexandrite, 60th Diamond, 65th Blue Spinel, 70th Sapphire, 75th Diamond, 80th Ruby!

    I hope you enjoyed reading all about precious stones and semi-precious stones and gemstones! We appreciate you reading our blog! Blessings!

    How to Restore Gold Jewelry to Shine Like New

    How to Restore Gold Jewelry to Shine Like New

    Keeping jewelry clean is not really something we think of, but something we need to do. Between air pollution, tarnish and daily wear your jewelry can become very dirty from lotions, soaps, dirt, dust, and so much more. When it comes down to your gold jewelry it can be a little bit more challenging to clean than silver jewelry. Just like with silver you want to be careful what you clean your gold jewelry with. Gold jewelry especially can become dull or discolored if you use the wrong cleaner on it. Listed below are some things you do NOT want to do when cleaning your gold.

    Never clean gold with tissue. It contains small wood fibers that will scratch it.

    Never use a toothbrush, baking soda, or other abrasives on gold. They will scratch it too. As mentioned in my last blog silver and some stones you can use a toothbrush with and it works, but not gold.

    Be careful with what kind of soap you use.

    Some soaps are okay to use like basic blue Dawn dish soap, but body washes can accumulate a film so its best to remove your jewelry before showering.

    Another one to stay away from is Chlorine.

    Chlorine, especially at high temperatures can permanently damage of discolor your gold jewelry. Your best bet is to remove all gold jewelry before getting in the hot tub.

    What about White Gold?

    White gold jewelry is typically plated with rhodium to provide a bright white finish, but daily wear can dull the sparkle over time and expose the natural, yellow-white tone of metal underneath. “Some people continue to wear white gold long after the rhodium plating has worn off, but you also have the option of having your jewelry professionally re-plated to return it to its bright white color.”

    What you should use to clean Gold

    Dish Soap

    Dish soap not just dishes! Put a few drops of liquid dish detergent in a bowl of lukewarm (not hot) water. Mix gently. Though ordinary tap water will work fine, you can also use club soda to clean your gold in place of water. The carbonation in these liquids can help loosen accumulated dirt and debris. Very important do not use boiling water, especially if your jewelry contains fragile precious stones, like opals, can crack if subjected to rapid and drastic temperature changes. Similarly, don’t use freezing cold water because the grime will contract and get tougher to clean.


    Ammonia is a powerful cleaner, but chemically it can be somewhat caustic. Avoid using ammonia to clean gold to often to prevent wear on your jewelry – ammonia is a good candidate for occasional “deep cleans.” To clean you will use one-part ammonia six parts water. Soak your jewelry in the mixture for no more than one minute. You don’t want to let your jewelry sit in the ammonia mixture for too long- as a strong base, ammonia can be slightly corrosive. Quickly remove all the jewelry at once, you can use a kitchen strainer or bowl to make sure your favorite pieces don’t go down the drain.

    Boiling water

    Boiling water can be used but you need to know when it is appropriate to use it. Gold itself can be boiled with no problems. However, boiling delicate gemstones can cause them to crack or become damaged especially if the jewelry is cold before boiling. Boiling is also a bad idea for jewelry with glued in gemstones, as it can loosen the glue. However, if you’re looking to clean heavily soiled jewelry made entirely out of gold or gold jewelry that contains “strong” gemstones (like diamonds), boiling is a great choice. To clean with boiling water, you don’t need to boil much water just enough to submerge all of the jewelry in. As you’re waiting for the water to boil, set your gold jewelry in a sturdy bowl or another vessel that won’t be damaged by boiling water. Pyrex or metal cooking bowls/dishes is a great choice. Arrange jewelry in the dish or bowl so that no piece of jewelry is covering up another piece water should be able to reach every piece of jewelry. Carefully pour the water over your jewelry. Be careful not to spill or splash by pouring too fast boiling water can cause serious burns. When all the jewelry is completely submerged, you’ve added enough water. Wait for the water to cool. When you can comfortably put your hands in the water, you remove the jewelry with a soft cloth dab it and then allow it to air dry.

    Baking Soda and Vinegar

    There these two are again. When it comes to cleaning you usually always will use on or the other. This method is to clean hardy 14 karat jewelry or gold coins. As mentioned above this is not for all golds. This technique is not as gentle as using soap and water. However, the cleaning agents in the baking soda and the acid from the vinegar will quickly clear any grime from metal. Avoid using this technique on jewelry with stones, pearls, or settings. The vinegar and baking soda may loosen the settings and damage the jewelry. Create your cleaning mixture. Mix ¼ cup baking soda with 2 tablespoons of warm water in a glass bowl. Stir the mixture together to make a thick paste. If the mixture is too runny, sprinkle in some baking soda. If its too thick, add a few more drops of water. Rub the paste on your gold. Use a sponge, soft cloth, or soft toothbrush to transfer the baking soda paste to the gold. Gently rub the mixture into the surface of the gold, taking care to reach all the nooks and crannies. However, be careful like mentioned above using a toothbrush can scratch gold. Rinse your gold with vinegar. Any kind of white cooking vinegar will work. If you work over a sink, make sure to plug the drain before rinsing your gold, or you will be calling a plumber fast! Rinse the gold with warm tap water to wash away the vinegar. If you’re cleaning gold with gemstones, pearls, or settings, skip the vinegar and rinse the baking soda off with warm water.

    Thanks, so much for reading! We added some of our favorite gold pieces below! All you need to do is click the image to order! Blessings!

    Top Tricks to Cleaning Silver! House Hold Tricks that Work!

    Top Tricks to Cleaning Silver! House Hold Tricks that Work!

    Does Silver Really Get Dirty Enough to Need Cleaning?

    Yes, silver can over the years tarnish and go from looking stunning to sad. Silver  jewelry can also get dirty and need a good cleaning. Lotions, soaps, and everyday dust and dirt are just a few things that can clog jewelry settings and make it appear dull and lifeless. Good news we have some top tricks to get your jewelry and silver back to looking and shining bright again. Below we will break down some ways to clean your silver. So rather you have silverware, platters, or grandma’s earrings she passed down to you. We have covered several ways that you can get your silver looking brand new again.  

    Home Remedies to Clean Silver That Might Shock You

    Laundry Detergent

    I know shocker but it is a good one. To make your jewelry or silverware sparkle bright all you need is a little laundry detergent. What you need to do is line a medium -sized bowl with aluminum foil and fill it with hot water. Mix in one tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent, then soak your silver in that for one minute. Rinse with warm water, and air dry. See you thought laundry detergent was just for laundry, but you can also sparkle up your silver with it.


    I know what you are thinking…. what? Yes, company is coming over you have no time to run the store and you don’t have too.   No worries just go the fridge and grab your ketchup. This is an old but good household remedy to clean your Silver. If your Silver is tarnished ketchup really can help. Here’s how to save the night and polish your silver with ketchup. Squirt a small amount on a paper towel, and run gently over the tarnished areas. If your silver isn’t getting shinier, let the ketchup sit for 15 minutes, then rub with a soft cloth and rinse clean. For items that have textured details, as with some candlesticks or fancy silverware, use a toothbrush to clean between the crevices.


    We are still in the kitchen for another home remedy. Cornstarch is another great way to clean silver. A paste of cornstarch and water will make silver look new again. Who knew? Apply with a damp cloth, let dry , then rub off with something mildly abrasive, like cheesecloth or a rough towel. Extra tip. You can substitute cream of tartar if you’re out of cornstarch.

    Hand Sanitizer!

    I must admit I am so addicted to this stuff. I have it in every room of my house, in my car, and in my purse. Germs are everywhere and this stuff is like gold to me, but who knew you could also clean silver with it? It is a great method to polish silver. Squirt a few drops on a soft cloth and rub away the tarnish. Just another reason to love hand sanitizer.

    Lemon-lime Soda!

    You are at the beach and notice your jewelry is looking a little dull. Recapture the shine by dunking your silver items in a bowl of lemon-lime soda for one hour. Rinse and dry thoroughly. I know…mind blown.


    This is one of my favorite things to clean jewelry with…I know crazy, but it works. I have sparkled up my silver to my diamonds with this quick tip trick. Buy a toothbrush just for your silver or jewelry add a little toothpaste and watch the magic happen. It will clean and sparkle up your jewelry like new. Don’t take my word for it try it out for yourself.

    Window Cleaner!

    Not just for the windows but you can also polish up your silver with it. Just spray window cleaner on a rag or toothbrush and use it gently to scrub your sterling silver. You should be able to restore your silver to its original shiny state. Now you can knock out two chores with one spray!

    Hair Conditioner!

    I know another one I would have never thought of, but hair conditioner will prevent your silver from tarnishing. Try rubbing it on and see how long your silver shines.


    Wait before you panic here me out. We are not saying clean your silver with chalk lets leave the chalk to only be used on a sidewalk, or chalkboard. We are saying that if you store chalk in the same drawer as your silver it will keep your silver shiny. The chalk absorbs moisture, preventing your nice utensils from tarnishing.


    Another quick tip to cleaning your jewelry trinkets. Brighten your jewelry to looking new by soaking them in ammonia for 10 minutes in a solution of one cup warm water and ½ cup clear ammonia. Gently wipe and clean.


    I mean is there anything that this stuff wont clean? The ultimate cleaner really is vinegar I can’t go into all it can do but if you check it out you will be amazed at what it will clean. To return silver to its luster and shine from your silverware to your jewelry check out this tip. Soak ½ cup white vinegar mixed with 2 tablespoons of baking soda for two to three hours. Rinse under cold water, and dry thoroughly. That’s it then you can watch how the sparkle and shine come back.

    Lemon Juice and Salt

    Last but not least we have two more items that most of us already have in the kitchen. Lemon juice and salt. Your silver will sparkle after soaking overnight in a mixture of 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 ½ cups water, and ½ cup of instant dry milk.


    Click to order

    We hope you enjoyed reading about all this cool tips and tricks you can use to polish up your silver. Most of us have these items in our home so next time you are wondering what to use you can always come back to this blog. We also have a lot of beautiful sterling silver jewelry that you can check out on our website. We love bling and want to share it with all of you! Blessings!

    Click on image to order

    Calling all Dog Lovers! Doggie Deals you will LOVE!

    Calling all Dog Lovers! Doggie Deals you will LOVE!


    All about the Dogs!

    Since we chatted all about Cats, I wanted to blog about man and woman’s best friend the dog Those sweet little fur babies also known as a dog. My life wouldn’t be complete without these little fur babies that I love so much. T &T are both service dogs and help me with anxiety and of course give unconditional love. There really is no love like the love of a dog. Maybe you have had your best friend for a week, month, or years below I am going to answer some of those doggone questions we wonder everyday and of course add a few pictures and products to add to the fun!

    How do I keep my dog happy?

    They make us so happy so of course we want to return the favor, but how do we? First of all, unconditional love right back is a must! I dog will be loyal and love you to the very end of his/her life and if you are going to be a dog parent you need to do the same. It angers me to see a dog mistreated, if you are going to have a dog LOVE that dog unconditionally just like you are loved that way. Don’t take out on your dog what might have happened to you in the past by a person who hurts you. A dog will never hurt you especially if you give it love. If you are not sure how to keep your dog happy you are in luck because I am a paw perfect mommy. Here are a few things you can do. Now I know this should go without saying, but make sure to have plenty of food and water and don’t forget the treats. Doggies get hungry like we do and can be in a bad mood if their tummy is empty. I checked and you should feed your fur baby twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening. Puppies however eat 4 times a day as they are growing. Another thing that will make your dog super happy is to set up play dates with your fur baby. Nothing makes a puppy or dog happier than to play with you and its toys. Schedule a spa or grooming day. Just like we feel good after a good bath so do our fur babies. If you have a short haired baby, you can usually do the pampering yourself. The more hair the harder to control the knotting so a professional is best. Make sure to investigate and check reviews before choosing the grooming spot for your dogie. Now if you have a big dog and really want him to be happy especially if he is an outside dogie, I have two words for you…baby pool. Dogs absolutely love baby pools to splash and play and cool off after a hot summer day! Another big thing that makes dogs happy and you must do nothing at all is letting them sleep. Most dogs will sleep the whole day away and they love too. Make sure your dog has a comfortable spot and as you go to work, he/she will go to sleep. As you can see dogs love attention so if you are giving lots of that your doggie will be happy. After all that playing you can both crash on the couch together for a little relaxation! 

    Do Dogs Like to go on Road Trips?

    Yes! Unlike the cat the dog absolutely loves to go "bye bye" with you! Dogs love new adventure and new places. Most dogs love to run the beaches, hike the woods with you, or just visit family. Dogs are the perfect traveling companion especially if you are traveling alone! A dog can ease stress off of you in traffic and also protect you if need be. So many other reasons you will love traveling with your dog like making new memories and taking lots of photos together. A dog is awesome company when it comes to lonely roads. Another great reason to travel with your dog is it will keep you in shape. Yes, you may eat really good food that is bad for you, but your pup is going to make sure you get that walk in. Don't take our word for it next time you plan a trip take your fur baby with and you will see for yourself! 

    Why is my Dog Barking at Me, What Does That Bark Mean?

    For humans we can talk and understand each other, but nothing is more frustrating than trying to understand what your fur baby is trying to tell you. Dogs can communicate with each other, however, have much more uniformity. So, lets break down some different types of barks and what they mean. Barking in a low pitch and slower than usual (dog’s growl) is the kind of bark that will send shivers down your spine and there is a reason for that. That low pitch bark usually indicates threats, anger, and possibility of aggression. This type of bark is known as an “alarm” bark. Your dog is either warning you to “stay away” or warning someone else to “stay away. “A dog will protect his home and his owner, so this is a warning bark. One or two short barks of high or mid-range pitch is the most typical greeting sound, and it usually replaces the alarm bark when the visitor is recognized as friendly. A long string of barks almost the sound of a cry will break your heart and it should. This type of bark means your dog feels alone and is seeking your companionship and love. There is the whiny bark that sounds like a balloon you are slowly letting the air out of. This sound means your dog wants something. Think of it as a I am begging you please bark. The last is a playful bark. This bark is a stutter-bark, which sounds something like “Harrr-ruff” with your dogs tail wagging and jumping at you. That means get off your butt and play with me.

    Why is my Dog Shaking?

    Your dog may be shaking for several different reasons here are out top reasons. 

    Happy Dogs Shake

    If you are a fur owner than you are familiar with the wet dog shake. That shake where you must duck because water is going flying everywhere and that is why your dog is shaking to get the water off. It is a healthy reflex for dogs to quickly dry themselves and keep themselves warm. No worries at all about this shake it is a healthy and happy shake.

    Stress-Induced Shake

    This type of shake is no fun for the owner of a fur baby. This shake is full of anxiety and fear. Usually, loud noises are the cause of this shake like thunder or lighting. Most dogs hate the 4th of July because of the fireworks and many dogs run away in fear. I would suggest for these types of shakes to get a thunder shirt they really do work! If you do not have a thunder shirt take a blanket and hold your dog as tight as you can to let them know they are not alone!

    There are lots of other reasons your dog might shake but we wanted to give you the top ones we knew. You may have a more serious reason and need to get your dog to a vet asap here are some of those you can look up to see if they apply to your dog, white dog shaker syndrome, poisoning, kidney disease, Addison disease, or it could just be old age

    Do Dogs like to Wear Clothes?

    Ah this is a huge controversy between a lot of people. People dress up their dogs for several different reasons. One of the most important reasons I dress my dog is because in the winter they freeze. I have little dogs so in the wintertime it is way too cold for them without a sweater or coat when they go outside. Another reason people dress up their dog is that it is fun. Some people love to dress up their dog for Halloween, but I don’t think dogs really love this. My dog usually pouts until I take the ridiculous outfit off. I have a little girl dog and love to put her in dresses and she loves it too. I know you are wondering how I know that…well, she will bring me her dress. Yes, she will bring me her dress and once I put it on her she prances around. I really feel it is according to what type of dog you have. Little dogs are more likely to be a dress up dog than your big guys. Your dog will let you know if they are loving it or not! We do have some adorable dog outfits you can check out at very low prices.


     We hope you learned a lot from our Blog. One thing is for sure if you have a dog you have a best friend for life! We have a lot of fun products from jewelry for you to jewelry for your best friend or jewelry about your best friend. Check out our website for all the amazing doggie goodies we have!

    Calling All Cat Lovers - The MUST HAVE Cat Jewelry of 2019

    Calling All Cat Lovers - The MUST HAVE Cat Jewelry of 2019


    People who love cats love cat jewelry. This is a fact! There are so many amazing feline products out there, I wonder which ones set themselves apart from the rest and stand out. I always say, “I never fit in because I was born to stand out.” In this blog post we decided to go all into the world of cats and throw in some awesome cat jewelry too. We hope you enjoy this read and find some interesting facts about your cat and some jewelry that both of you will love too.

    Why is my Cat So Needy?

    Is your cat constantly looking for your attention? It is true that some cats can be so clingy and needing that it gets annoying. We love our fluffy fur babies; we just don’t want to be at their beck and call all hours of the day and especially the night. So, here are some reasons why your cat is so needy… Believe it or not your cat is insecure. Just like us, cats can be insecure and gets nervous because of outer circumstances. Your kitty might just want you around to feel safe, protected and comfortable. It is important to get to the root of the matter of why your cat may feel insecure in your home. If you have recently moved or have new furniture it may take time for your cat to adjust to the new surroundings. Your Cat loves you. Although some cats or more cuddlier than others. If you own a cuddly cat that loves you a lot, you got yourself a needy best friend. That is probably the sweetest reason as to why cats can be clingy, because they love you! Your cat might be meowing around you driving you crazy because he/she might be hungry. Cats can get hangry too. You are the one to keep the dish filled so make sure your kitty has food to fill their bellies. The next one is a good one, your cat is bored. Cats need to be active. When they are ignored, or not played with, they can get very bored, especially if you are gone all day to work and they have no one to play with. If they sleep all day get ready for them to want to play as soon as you get home. Let your cat chase you around the house, play with its favorite toys and exhaust it to the point he/she wants to crawl up in your lap and go to sleep while you relax reading, or watching T.V. This next one isn’t a fun one we know, but your cat might be sick. If you are experiencing radical behavior changes in your car, it is always better to be safe than sorry. We suggest having your fur baby checked out to make sure everything is okay. Remember that unconditional love is something that is so special so if you cat is a bit needy just give him/her extra loving right back.

    Is it okay to Travel with my Cat?

    The summer is here and some of us don’t want to leave our pets at home. I will break down the do and don’ts of traveling with your cat. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling by car, plant, or even a boat you want your cat to enjoy the trip. First things first some cats like to travel, and some don’t. Some cats are just fine chilling in their known atmosphere until you get home with plenty of food and water and only for short trips. I would suggest trying out a small trip in the car to see how your cat reacts. Does he/she handle it well? If she/he is curious, active and playful you are all set. If she/he acts scared, stressed, or aggressive, do not bother taking your fur baby with you or you might both be miserable. Here are a few more tricks and tips that may help you and your cat. Prepare time and extra love for your cat to let him/her know that you love them and will be back. If you need to take your cat on a plane, make sure he/she is comfortable in their carrier. Try some trips down the road to see how they do. You want her/him to feel comfortable in their carrier not scared. When going on a trip with your cat make sure to pack these must have items for your cat. A cat carrier, favorite toy, enough cat food, treats, and water, cat litter box, cat collar with your information on it, and lastly medication that may be needed. If you cat doesn’t care for travel and you will be gone for a long trip reach out to a friend or have a pet nanny that can check up or even stay at your home while you’re gone. In time you will be able to determine if you have a traveling cat or not.

    Do Cats Purr When They’re Happy?

    Most of the time cats do purr when they’re happy, but that isn’t the case all of the time. Cats have several different emotions just like humans do. So your cat may be happy, angry, scared, or trying to protect itself. You may notice that your cat purrs doing different activities that don’t involve you. I do believe when you pet a cat that is its favorite time to purr because it feels so good. Your cat might spot another cat out the window and start purring, that may be more of a defensive purr than a lovingly one. Your cat might purr after being at the vet and getting vaccinations, he/she is definitely not happy, but may still purr. These inconsistencies are what make cats so mysterious and confusing for people. Cats have a mind of their own and purring is just something that they do.

    What is the best type of Cat Jewelry to Wear?

    Cat Jewelry comes in several different styles, metals, and sizes. We have an awesome selection of cat necklaces, cat earrings, and cat bracelets. Check out our website for all your cat jewelry needs.