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    How to build Self-Esteem

    How to build Self-Esteem


    I wanted to do a blog on self-esteem because this is something it took me a while to understand. We should all value improving our self-esteem. When your self-esteem is higher, you are more likely to experience common emotional wounds such as failure or rejection as less painful and be able to bounce back from them more quickly. When our self-esteem is higher, we have less anxiety and we release cortisol into our blood streams while if under stress, it is more likely to linger in our systems and make it harder to lose weight. Having high self-esteem is a very good thing. We are not talking about being cocky but confident. Below I will give you some steps to help you with your self-esteem.

    Affirmations are key:

    I didn’t realize for years what I spoke over myself was the reason I had such low self-esteem. I grew up feeling like the stupid kid in class and fought a learning disability until I quit school in the tenth grade. I would always call myself stupid, say I have a learning disability, claim that I wasn’t good enough. I did this for years over myself. I would lose jobs that I really loved because I didn’t think I was good enough to have them. What you speak over your life is what you will get. It was when I started to read self help books and learn to speak life over myself that my mindset began to change. It doesn’t matter where you grew up, how much money you have, or even how smart you are, what matters is what you believe you are. I began to speak positive affirmations over my life such as “I am going to be a great success!” Did I believe it at first? No, not at all I actually felt stupid saying it but the more I spoke it the more I started to believe it. I had to learn to retrain my brain into believing I was the person I also wanted to be. I prayed that God would let me see myself through his eyes and not my own. I learned that I would no longer call myself stupid or even speak that I have a leaning disability. I am as author and I believe that wouldn’t have happened if I would of kept telling myself that I wasn’t good enough. I fought through the thoughts of not being good enough and poured myself into my book. I was blown away when it became a best seller. It is what you speak over yourself. Tell yourself what you want to be not what you dislike about yourself. Having a high self-esteem is believing in the person you have always wanted to be no matter what!

    What are you good at?

    God made us all unique and that is what makes each one of us special. To have a great self-esteem you need to pride yourself on what you are good at. Some of you may be a great cook. When you cook people rave about how amazing your food taste. This should allow you self-esteem to build. Invite friends over to show off your talent of cooking. It is okay to be proud of a gift the good Lord gave you. Maybe you are a singer and when you sing people get chill bumps. Not everyone can sing so this is a talent you can feel good about and have a higher self-esteem. Maybe you are a runner I know from experience this takes work and always admire the runners who seem like they are floating on air. If that is, you sign up for more races. Feel good about running. Figure out your core competencies and find opportunities and careers that highlight them.

    Stop Putting Yourself Down:

    This goes with affirmations however this is so important when it comes to self-esteem. When our self-esteem is low, we as humans are likely to fuel the fire and damage it even more by being self-critical. One thing I learned to do that works is to replace self-criticism with self-compassion. So many of us will talk to ourselves horrible but there is no way we would speak that way to someone else. You need to learn to love and respect yourself as much as you would a best friend or a spouse. Lead with compassion for yourself. When you feel like you are judging yourself too harshly try to see something good you love about yourself.  By replacing the negative with positive it Is going to make you feel so much better about yourself and will help your self-esteem. If you need help with this follow the next step below.

    Recognize Your Real Worth:

    I have learned this is a great exercise that will help build your self-esteem. Make a list of qualities you have that are meaningful in your life. For example, if you got rejected by a date list quality that make you a good relationship prospect (for example if you are loyal or emotional available.) Maybe you didn’t get a promotion at work make a list of what makes you a great employee (you are responsible and have a great worth ethic.) After you make a list choose one of the items on this list and write a brief paragraph about why the quality is valuable and appreciated by other people in the future. Try doing this exercise weekly until you feel a self-esteem boost. 

    Last Thoughts:

    At the end of the day the bottom line is improving self-esteem does require a bit of work. It is like anything else in life you have to practice and then practice some more. Once you get in the habit of doing positive habits verses negative habits you will notice your life begin to change. Remember this your mind is more powerful than you realize it is and you have the power to change your thoughts. Stop being a victim to what may be in the past and start getting excited about your future. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are powerful, you are wonderfully made, and you are unstoppable. Once you start to do this you will notice your self-esteem begin to change. I use to be intimidated by my lack of education and wouldn’t say much for fear of judgement and embarrassment. Once I realized I am proud of who God made me and I can do anything I set my mind to. It may take me a little longer but that is okay. It isn’t how fast you are it only matters that you don’t quit. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog! Blessings!  

    Human Trafficking Sings to Look For Must READ

    Human Trafficking Sings to Look For  Must READ

    Why a Human Trafficking Blog?

    Human Trafficking is growing every day and as A Human Trafficking survivor and activist I want to spread as much awareness as I can. Human trafficking and child trafficking are modern day slavery. We talk about how slaves are a thing of the past but that is not the case. Every day new victims of ALL ages become victims of this horrific slave enforced business. It is not just overseas it has been in your backyard for years. My story takes place 23 years ago before anyone even knew what human trafficking was. Human trafficking is a nationwide problem. Human trafficking is the second fastest criminal industry just behind drug trafficking. It is very crucial that all citizens to be on the lookout for victims. The Human Trafficking Hotline is 1-888-373-7888 also you can text help or info to 233733. Below I list some way you can help fight back against this billion-dollar crime!

    Know the warning signs:

    Warning signs are sometimes right in front of us, but we don’t know what to look for. Just by you knowing these warning signs you could save a life! Below I will list some warning signs you can look for in physical appearance, possessions, lack of control, and Behavior signs.

    Top thing to look for Physical Appearance:

    Signs of Abuse:

    A victim of human trafficking will have some physical signs of abuse and will refuse to talk about them. I had bruises on my arms and when people asked me if I was okay, I replied yes when I really wasn’t. A victim will not look you in the eye. They will look down embarrassed and ashamed that is a dead giveaway to look for.

    Super Skinny:

    I don’t mean been hitting the gym skinny. I mean hasn’t eaten in day and looks malnourished and sick. I know a human trafficking victim that was so skinny she escaped by squeezing between the bars because she was so skinny. This is a sign you can look for.


    Human Traffickers like to mark their victims with tattoos such as a bar code, symbol of money, or a man’s name. I know that a lot of women like to put their boyfriends name of them so if you are in a safe place to do so joke around and ask who the name is? Once again you will be able to tell by their body language rather it is a red flag or not. If they become very uncomfortable talking about it this is a sign that they could be a victim of human trafficking.

    Their Look:

    Pay attention to the way they are dressed. If someone is dressed in a suggestive way of luring in attention this could be a victim. Also, if they are in the same clothes no matter the weather outside. If they are in a halter top and skirt in winter this could be a red flag.

    What they Possess:

    Another good way to tell if someone is a victim is to see what they possess. If the person doesn’t seem to own a lot this may be a red flag. If they have very little possessions and suddenly have an increase in money, clothing, or jewelry but has no explanation where they came from this could be a human trafficking victim. If they do not have an ID or any identification is another sign you can look for. Another thing to look for is a lot of hotel keys this is a sign that someone could be a victim. The last possession that you can look for is they have a pre-paid cell phone.


    A good way to tell if someone might be a victim of human trafficking is, they will be controlled by someone else. They will not speak freely instead what they say will seem scripted. They will not pay for anything instead someone else will hold the money to pay for whatever they are buying. Pay attention to the way they act. If they are with someone who will not leave them alone this is a big red flag for human trafficking. Someone follows their every move. A human trafficking victim has no say over their life so everything they do is controlled by the trafficker.

    Behaviors to look for:

    As I mentioned above a victim of human trafficking is easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. A human trafficking victim will show fear it is something they can’t hide. It is almost looking at an adult who acts like a child. They will never have a direct answer instead will not be able to explain where they live or where they are visiting from. The stories will not add up. A human trafficking victim also has the blank stare they may be looking at something, but it is a lost glare.

    What to be aware of!


    When I was lured in it was through a post it notes from a very good-looking guy but now days technology is a playground for traffickers. A trafficker no longer must get you to go look at cute puppies from a van now they just go to the computer. The internet is key took for human traffickers to find their victims. These evil people know that kids are on social media or playing games and their parents may not be aware of their activities. Just recently a 16-year-old vanished after being lured in through a video game he was playing. Traffickers will lie and deceive to control their victims. They will pose as exactly what someone would fall for good looking, says all the right things at the right times. They lure victims into unsafe areas where they can be taken and sold into the sex trafficking industry. I know because it happened to me. I was lured in and they will lure in all ages. Therefore, it is crucial to know who your kids are talking too.

    Human Trafficking & Children

    As sick as it is children are one of the main targets for human trafficking. Below I list some ways you can protect yourself and your children.

    Talk to Your Children:

    We let our children watch all kinds of stuff but don’t want to discuss the dangers of human trafficking. Take time to sit down and talk to your child about human trafficking and sexual abuse. Explain to them how wrong it is and that you are there for them. Help them understand clearly why avoiding certain situations is very important for their safety.

    Social Media Safety:

    As mentioned above child traffickers thrive on social media. They build up trust and then invite them to an unsafe area where the child trafficker is waiting. Stress the importance of not sharing personal information with anyone online and letting you know if someone is trying to lure them somewhere. Tell them the tricks they use so your children will recognize them if confronted.

    A Happy Home:

    A lot of trafficking victims are not kidnapped they are lured into trafficking situations by false hopes and promises. They promise a better lifestyle and glitz and glamour. If a child is lacking attention and love at home, you can bet a trafficker will lure them in with that. Your parents don’t understand you like I do, or love you like I do. Make your home a happy place and explain you may have rules, but you love your child and would do anything to protect them.

    Men and Women:

    You need to know that there are as many female traffickers as there are male. A lot of time the first contact with a child is a female. The female recruiter will be friendly and exciting. They will lure victims in by promising them an experience their normal lives can’t compete with.

    Identify Your Child:

    Organizations are out there like National Care for Missing and Exploited Children and provide identification services where parents can upload images and get fingerprints for a secure database.

    I know this is a hard read but this blog could save someone’s life! Thank you so much for reading it and please share! Blessings

    Make A Statement! Rules for Wearing Bold Statement Jewelry

    Make A Statement! Rules for Wearing Bold Statement Jewelry

    What is bold Statement Jewelry?

    Bold statement jewelry is an attention-grabbing striking piece of jewelry. Jewelry can be a bold way to bring life to a rather boring outfit and bring out your best features. When you decide to make a statement with your jewelry going bold will be the way to go. Big bold statement jewelry is designed to have fun with your look, but you do have to be careful to make sure you don’t make the wrong statement instead of a bold statement with your look. You don’t want several pieces of bold jewelry just one piece can do the job. What is so awesome about bold jewelry is you only need one piece to pull off a killer look. Balance is key in everything we do and that includes our jewelry. We are going to give you some secrets to be a fashion diva that always turns heads when she walks into a room. So, if you are ready to be big and bold with your jewelry and make a statement with your next outfit this blog is for you.

    What Types of Jewelry are bold?

    You can buy bold jewelry in all types of jewelry from cuff bracelets, bib necklaces, cocktail rings and earrings. Bold statement pieces come in all shapes and sizes, forms, designs, and colors. Bold statement jewelry can work wonders to add bling and sparkle to a simple dress or help draw focus to parts of yourself you want to emphasize.

    Be Bold Not Gaudy:

    I know I say this repeatedly but less really is more even with bold statement jewelry. Bold statement jewelry is definitely jewelry that will make you stand out, but you want to make sure not to overcrowd it by wearing multiple pieces of bold jewelry. If you have a big bold necklace pair that with nice stud or smaller style earrings. If you choose a bold pair of earrings opt for no necklace or a simple necklace instead. Your bold statement jewelry should add to your outfit and does not overpower it. Big bold earrings would look amazing with a cuff bracelet or a cocktail ring. Make sure the metals match so you don’t look like a mismatch mess. Another fashion no no is don’t wear a long statement necklace will a belt. The two accessories will clash instead of look nice together. Experiment with different pieces to see which ones work nicely together.

    Simple is Smart:

    When wearing big accessories make sure to pick a simpler outfit. Stay clear of busy patterns and embellishments like sequins when wearing bold statement jewelry. Remember, you want your bold statement piece to stand out, so match items accordingly. We love a little black dress and that is perfect go to item when wearing bold statement pieces. A white blouse and jeans is the perfect backdrop for jewelry that is big, bright, and detailed accessories. Choose less busy pieces and they can work well with patterned items of clothing. Don’t pull the focus away from your bold statement jewelry. Coordinate smaller accessories with your statement pieces by keeping each item to a minimum and sticking to the same color or metal.

    Bold Statement Earrings:

    Bold statement earrings are beautiful and can’t be missed. These earrings will be the first thing that anyone talking to you will notice about you. You want to make sure they frame your face pick a pair that suits your face shape and enhances your God given features. If you choose the wrong pair it can be distracting so take details such as color, length, shape, and outfit coordination when choosing the perfect pair for your ears. When wearing drop or dangling earrings make sure to keep your hair sleek and up not down and distracting. Remember, it’s all about balance so decide if you want to have your hair big or your earrings. This is also true for makeup when it comes to balance. If you are going to wear a big bold statement pair of colorful earrings you should do a more natural makeup look. Just keep reminding yourself that balance is key in everything.

    Necklace and Neckline:

    The perfect way to make sure a statement necklace stands out is to wear it with the right neckline. When in your closet grab for strapless, scoop neck, v neck, or off the shoulder’s tops and dresses.  These items of clothing will match the neckline of your necklace. You don’t want to wear a shirt with collars, halter necks, or any clothing that is close to your face like turtlenecks. These items of jewelry will clash with your statement necklace.  Also, if can’t see the necklace that defeats the purpose of wearing a statement necklace. Make sure to wear a statement necklace next to a simple one-color top to keep the look chic and do your necklace justice. You can never go wrong with neutral tones, so wear bright attention-grabbing necklaces with black, white or nude to keep the look of elegance. If you follow these fashion tips your top will balance perfectly with your necklace.

    Bold Rings:

    We use our hands for a lot of things in our life. I love to decorate my fingers and have some great tips for you. When you are wearing a bold ring, it’s worth remembering that it is going to draw attention to your hands and nails so make sure you have a good manicure. A simple manicure is perfect to make sure your canvas is ready to decorate. You want to go with a color on your nails that doesn’t clash in the colors of the ring you wear the most. If you choose a multicolored nail polish stay away from colorful cocktail rings or bold rings with too much color. I love my glitter nails, but I don’t wear big bold rings because it would be too much and look trashy instead of classy. You can wear the big bold rings just stick with a more neutral nail. Again, balance and that even means your fingers and toes.

    Arm Yourself:

    I love a beautiful cuff bracelet. Cuff bracelets are a great choice if you want to wear a statement piece on your arm. To show off a great cuff keep your arms bare or you can wear the cuff over a slim-fitting one color long sleeve top. Stick to one cuff you don’t want to overdo it and you do want to have a focal point. Another great option you can do is bangles. I love to stack a bunch of bangle bracelets together, but I make sure to only do this on one arm.  I also keep it to a max of six bracelets at a time it is a general rule of thumb to keep from overdoing it and make sure the bangles compliment my outfit not over complicate it. Another great tip is to change up the silver and gold this looks great and will match any outfit perfectly.

    Don’t forget bold statement pieces are supposed to make a…yes statement. Choose pieces that help create a complete put together look. If you want a classier and more polished look reach for the pearls.

    I hope you enjoyed reading all about these bold statement pieces. I personally love a bold look and hope you do too! Just remember to balance and you will be good to go! Blessings!

    How to Bling Out Your Car Bling Life | 8 Must Have Car Accessories

    How to Bling Out Your Car Bling Life | 8 Must Have Car Accessories

    Why would I decorate my car?

    As I mention a lot in my blogs some people like a little extra and that includes their car too. Other people may not want to change a think about their car and leave it just the way it is. That is what is so awesome about each person being unique in their own way. Some people love the supple soft leather, a sparkling bare dashboard and the pop-up GPS. Other people (like myself) are excited to decorate the interior of their car to make it feel more like their personalities. We have researched and come up with some ideas for decorating the interior of your car.

    Steering Wheel Covers:

    The Steering wheel is a very important piece of your car since it determines where you are going but it can also be a lot of fun to decorate your steering wheel. I have several ideas you can do to make your steering wheel different the first one and one of my favorites is a bling steering wheel cover. When the sun hits your steering wheel, the sparkles will dance all around your car making a beautiful light show. You also have the furry steering wheel covers which are super fun and let’s be honest comfortable to drive with. Some steering wheel covers have flowers on them but that surely makes it a little hard to drive I would think. Leather steering wheel covers are good when your old steering wheel is wearing out and you need to replace it. Some other great steering wheel covers are cloth steering wheel covers, wooden steering wheel covers, rubber steering wheel covers and many other styles. I do recommend steering wheel covers for comfort. After driving for a long time your palms can get sweaty, the steering wheel can become slippery, and you could even get blisters if you hold the wheel to tightly. When decorating your car, I think that a steering wheel cover is very good choice to add to your interior. Make sure it reflects your own personal style and you can’t go wrong!


    The second step to decorating your car is to get the right seat covers. You may love your seat covers but one drop of coffee and you will be regretting the fact you didn’t cover them. There are tons of seat covers to choose from that fits your style and comfort. They even have seat covers that massage you! Yes! Now we are talking!


    They hold you in, but did you know you can also decorate them? You can get bling seat belt covers that add some more sparkle to your car. They also have a more comfortable choice in a cushioned seat belt cover. You can also get a fiber seat belt cover this is a more modern approach verses the old fuzzy plus seat belt covers. You can also get these with the brand of your car on them. Not sure why you would but you can if you want too. Rubbermaid also has a seat belt cover and they took it a step further offering storage in the cover for sunglasses or pens and other on road essentials you might need. Sheepskin seat belt covers ahhhh yes please. These seat belt covers have been around for ages and much better than the wooly seat belt covers. If you are over having a rough, scratchy seat belt on your shoulder this one is for you. Foam seat belt covers are another popular pick. A seat belt cover made of memory foam is a very smart move. These seat belt covers also come in colors to match the interior of your car like tan, gray, and black.

    The Floor:

    If you thought that the purpose of floor mats was just resting your feet on, we have news for you. Floor mats play a very important role in enhancing and decorating your car. Floor mats play such an important role in your car. Floor mats will keep dirt and grime out of your car, they will soak up water from your feet and keep the carpet extra clean. If you choose the right color it can brighten up your car and add a touch of your style to it. Below let’s discuss some of the types of floor mats you can decorate your car or truck with.

    Bling Floor Mats:

    Yes, you can even bling out the floor of your car. These types of mat are more for decoration than durability and will wear out faster than the others but are a super fun choice! 

    Fabric Floor Mats:

    Fabric floor mats are cheapest and most available floor may. These floor mats come with a rubber back that keeps them from slipping. Fabric floor mats come in attractive colors and designs to choose from. Another good thing with these mats is they come in universal sizes so you can find the perfect one to fit your car or truck.

    Rubber Mats:

    Rubber mats are the most durable and one of the longest lasting floor mats. They are not very expensive, and some dealerships will include them with the purchase of your car or truck. Rubber mats do not slip and are very safe to use since they won’t obstruct the pedal use. They retain moisture with their textured surface. The one downside to these mats is that they only come in black so if your wanting color and style you should check out another floor mat instead.

    All Weather Mats:

    The all-weather mats are made from a thick vinyl and more durable than regular rubber mats. These mats have upturned edges that make the sure no water, dust, or grime exists. The all weather mat also has spikes at the back so they do not slip.

    Nomad Mats:

    I know I hadn’t heard of these either, but I am really impressed after doing my research. These mats are made from 3M and sell like hot cakes.   The nomad mats come in a variety of colors and options and they can be custom fit for your car or truck. The most exciting part about nomad mats is that they soak up and trap mud, water, and grime easily and cause little spillage. Another good thing is you only have to clean them a few times verses all the time like with other mats. The curls soak up mud, water, and dust so they don’t ever touch your feet. This is perfect ladies for those shoes you love so much!


    This one is completely up to you if you want to grab some double-sided tape and stick a bobble head up there. Some people like to put beanie babies in their dashboard. You need to be careful with this because you will get pulled over for obstruct view from a police officer. Make sure the decorations you choose are not on the driver’s side or blocking your view or you will get a ticket.

    The Rear-View Mirror:

    Another fun one that you must be careful you don’t obstruct your view when driving. You can add some bling around your rear-view mirror that will sparkle up your ride. A lot of people love to have something dangling from their rear-view mirror like beads, dice, air freshener or a trinket of some kind. I think it’s good to choose something meaningful to you, but make sure it’s not too heavy or in the way while you drive.

    I hope you enjoyed this blog all about decorating your car. You know your style so it’s up to you how you want your ride to look. I am a bling girl so I bling my car out! Thank you so much for reading. Blessings

    Ways to Prevent and Stop Bullying - What You Need To Know

    Ways to Prevent and Stop Bullying - What You Need To Know

    Why A Blog about Bullying?


    As we go back into the school year, I wanted to do a blog all about bullying. Bullying seems to get worse every school year. Kids dread going to school and feel hurt, scared, lonely, sick, sad, and embarrassed. Bullies will hit, kick, push, or use words to tease, call names, or even scare their victims.

    Is Bullying Really A Big Deal?

    YES! Bullying is a very big problem and it affects a lot of kids from kindergarten all the way to high school. Bullying keeps kids from being who they are and made to feel useless or worthless. I have only been in one fight my whole life and it was with a bully. This kid wasn’t bullying me but my little cousin who was terrified of him. I had enough and confronted this little twerp who cowered down when he was confronted. He was bullying my cousin because he was much younger than him but when it came to someone his own size he wasn’t so big and tough anymore. My little cousin didn’t want to go to school in fear this kid would hurt him my final straw was when the bully embarrassed my cousin in front of the whole school by throwing ice cold water on him and not letting him leave by corning him. I was so upset the next day I went down to the band hall found this kid and slammed him up against the lockers. I told him that he would apologize to my cousin and he did. Violence is never the answer but sometimes you have to educate those who are not educated on bullying. That kid never bullied another person again. Below I am going to break down all the facts about bullying.

    Why are some kids Bullies?

    Bullying starts at home a child isn’t born a bully they learn this from someone. They come from a family where everyone is screaming and shouting at each other. The child sees dad bullying mom or even him/her and so the domino starts to fall for generations to come. They think it is normal behavior to be angry, mean, calling names, and push people around because that is the environment, they are always in.

    Some bullies may be just looking for attention. They think that bullying is a way to get what they want or be popular. Most times bullies are trying to make themselves look more important. When they pick on another kid it makes them feel powerful and big.

    As I mentioned above in my story bullies will usually pick on someone who is much smaller than they are. A bully will pick out a person that they believe they have power over. They look for the weak links that they feel they can break. Once they get a big reaction out of someone, they feel they have the power. Another big reason for bullying is when a kid or even adult is jealous of you. They feel threatened by your intelligence, looks, or lifestyle.

    Handling a Bully:

    So now that you have read that bullying is a big problem that targets a lot of kids, we want to break down what to do if you or your child come face to face with a bully!

    How do I Prevent a Run-In with a Bully?

    Become Unnoticeable: Make sure you avoid the bully as much as possible. Recognize the space that you are getting attacked and find a new route that goes around the bully and doesn’t put you in their space.

    Be Brave Stand Tall:

    Let’s be honest when your being bullied you are not feeling your bravest. I understand that but by putting on a brave face it could keep you from being bullied. If you stand tall and confident it will make you feel empowered and less scared and that energy will send a message to whomever is bullying, you. Send the message “don’t mess with me.” You might be surprised how quickly your bully backs down.

    Feel Good in your Skin:

    We all know that nobody is perfect but the better you feel about yourself the better you will be able to handle a bully. Get more exercise lift more weights start to feel strong inside and that will show on the outside too. Bullying is WRONG but there are some actions you can take to make yourself stronger and wiser if you ever cross one.

    Power in Numbers:

    Two is always better than one if your trying to avoid being bullied by someone. Grab a friend or two and plan to always walk together to school, lunch, recess, or wherever you think you might encounter a bully. If you know of another kid being bullied be the bigger person and offer to help them and talk to an adult about what is going on. Just like I stood up for my cousin stand up for those being bullied.

    If you are confronted by a bully:

    If you are confronted by a bully stand up for yourself. If they say something rude to you act like you don’t hear them and don’t acknowledge what they are saying. Bullies love attention so if you act unbothered it might keep you from being bullied. If this doesn’t work, I do want you to stand up for yourself. Even if you must pretend act brave and yell “stop it” in a super loud voice. If a bully is forcing, you to do something you don’t want to say “no!” and do your best to get away from that situation. By yelling you will bring awareness to what is going on and the bully may leave you alone. Don’t bully back. Don’t give into their violent ways by hitting, kicking, or pushing. Most bullies are looking for a fight so if you engage it might ignite a fire of anger in them that you’re not ready for. Don’t show how you are feeling. Focus on something other than the situation going on if you can. Try counting backwards from 100 or anything else that will keep your mind busy until you can get somewhere safe where you can show how you really feel. I would even say a little prayer for God to protect you and if you believe God will send angels to protect you. The last thing you want to do as I mentioned above is tell an adult. Don’t be afraid to let an adult know what is happening to you. Find someone that you trust and talk to them about what is happening to you. You could tell your parents, principal, teacher or lunchroom helpers what is going on. Once a teacher finds out and confronts a bully the bullying will stop because the bully doesn’t want their parents to find out what is going on because of the punishment they will get at home. Let me assure you telling someone is not tattle tailing on someone who has done something small to you. Bullying is wrong and it needs to be stopped speak up you might keep someone else from being bulled.

    The Outcome of Bullies:

    After it is all said and done most bullies will get in trouble. No one wants to be around someone who is mean and eventually they will begin to lose friends. The power they wanted so bad slips away fast. Other kids will move on with their lives and leave bullies behind.

    Jewelry of Strength:

    You don’t have too but by wearing a cross necklace or having a guardian angel key chain it can help you feel safer when confronted by bullies. Angels do watch over you and will protect you. Some bullies will see a cross and back off because they are reminded of, he power of Jesus and that they are being watched. If you feel scared, you can always cling to the cross! Blessings!